Friday 18 November 2011

Toronto Talent

Local talent should not go unnoticed!

After my shot at stage managing for Indie Week here in Toronto, I got to knock a few more locals to my much too short list.
Lots of reverb, lots of wavy vocals and swayable rhythms. mildly smoldering


Jazzy and trumpet-filled, with vocals that hold on to a tension just before the oooh.

Brad Fillatre
*Indie Week finalist!

Technically speaking a Newfie. What caught the attention of Indie Week judges and audiences alike was the soul he inserted into his vocals. he not only strummed his guitar but put out music so raw it made you hurt inside.

Alissa Vox Raw

In one word: loops. low almost raspy voice layering in a dizzying pattern.1940's meets synth

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